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San Gabriel International School ESO

San Gabriel International School ESO

The San Gabriel International School belongs to the Congregation of the Brothers of San Gabriel, founded by Saint Louis María de Montfort almost 300 years ago and with a presence in Spain since 1903.
San Gabriel is a non-profit educational institution of social interest. Our main goal is to provide youth with a complete human education, inspired by Christian humanism, to encourage students to commit themselves to building a more just, supportive and fraternal society, through commitment and service to the common good.
Our School is, therefore, a Catholic educational center that tries to instill in its students the principles of Christian humanism. Present in Ribera del Duero since 1965, it enjoys great prestige thanks to its high academic level. 
The following teachings are authorized at the International School:

Sowing the future together!

Discover how at Colegio San Gabriel, we are forging the future through learning and collaboration. 

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