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Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional San Gabriel - Escuela de Soldadura FP DUAL GM Soldadura y Calderería - San Gabriel

Dual Vocational Training

Dual Vocational Training is a new type of offer within vocational training.

It is done in alternation regime between the educational center and the company, with a number of hours or days of stay in this and in the educational center of variable duration. Has as goals:

  • Adapt FP to the real needs of the labor market.
  • Improve the quality of the training that students receive.
  • Increase the employability of graduates.

Why choose FP Dual?

  • To "learn by doing", combining theory and practice.
  • To guide training to the current needs of companies.
  • To access a real productive environment.
  • To improve professional and personal skills and abilities.
  • To increase expectations of job placement after obtaining the academic degree.
FP Dual CIFP SAN GABRIEL curso 23/24

Durante el curso 23/24 San Gabriel de la mano de Tecnoaranda ofrece a su alumnado la posibilidad de desarrollar el proyecto de FP Dual del GM de Soldadura y Calderería. 

OFERTA FP Dual Castilla y León

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