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Escuela de Enología y Viticultura San Gabriel
Formative Cycle of High Degree Diploma in Viticulture

Duration of the course: 2000 hours

Entry Requirements:

Direct Entry:

-          Holding a High School Diploma

-          Having successfully passed Second Grade courses in an experimental Baccalaureate module.  

-          Holding a Technical Qualification, a Top Technician Degree, a Specialist Degree or an academic equivalent degree.

-          Having passed Pre-university Orientation Courses

-          Holding a University Degree or an equivalent Degree.


Access through Entry Test: (for those who do not possess anterior precondition) 

-          Having successfully passed the entry test to High Level formative cycles(available for students aged 19 at least, for those of 18 years holding a Technical Degree).


Learning programme

This programme will enable the students to:

Organize, plan and supervise production in the Winegrowing Industry controlling the production and processing operation, stabilization, bottling of wine and other related drinks. 


This training aims at enabling students to:

-          Plan, coordinate and control wine production, spirit drinks, vinegar and wine-derived products processing.

-          Plan stabilization operations and wine maturing process.

-          Schedule work shifts and to monitor technical facilities.

-          Promote and commercialize the products in the winegrowing industry. 

-          Monitor the company logistic by organizing the supplying, the stocking and the expedition of raw material, subsidiary and processed products.

-          Control and guarantee quality through physical, chemical tests, microbiological analysis as well as through organoleptic analysis.

-          Supervise the effective use of resources during the production process, the selection, the purification, and the waste disposal.


This programme courses encompasses necessary expertise for:  

-          Conducting basic level activities of labour risk prevention.

-          Being able to obtain the Food-Handling Certificate.


Openings and Job opportunities

Job opportunities:

-          Working in the field of wine production:  grape production, wine elaboration, processing and bottling in companies such as wine distilleries that produce concentrated grape juice, vinegar elaboration and production of grape and wine-derived products.

Further Studies Programmes

-          Specialized professional courses.

-          Other High Level Cycle of Professional Training with possibility to establish required professional module of validations in accordance with existing legislation.    

Openings and Job opportunities

-          Winemaker.

-          Distillation y rectification Manager.

-          Manager in charge of reception of fresh and sulphated grape-juice.

-          Supervisor of Distilling and wine concentration.

-          Manager of the packing lines of distilled vinegar.

-          Manager In charge of wine-ageing and vinegar distillation.

-          Market Analyst

Training Programme

            This programme comprises following professional modules:

-          Viticulture.

-          Fermentation process.

-          Biochemical process.

-          Stabilization, and bottling.

-          Vintage.

-          Wine analysis.

-          Derived Industries.

-          Wine degustation and winemaking culture.

-          Commercialization and food-industry logistics.

-          Winemaking legislation and Food safety.

-          Quality Supervision in the Food-industry field.

-          Project in the Viticulture Industry.

-          Training, and vocational guidance.

-          Business and Entrepreneurship.

-          Training and Internship in workplaces and companies.

Más información:

Fecha de implantación: curso 2009/2010.


Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior
Vitivinicultura - 2.000 h. - Concertado



Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior.
Vitivinicultura - 2.000 h. - Concertado


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Documento de Matrícula




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