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Medium Level Formative Cycle in Olive Oil and Wine
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Duration of the course: 2000 hours

Requirements for access:

                 Requirements to access a Medium Level Grade are followings:

Direct entry

-          Completing a High School Education Certificate or a superior academic equivalent level

-          Holding a basic F.B (Professional Training) degree in Technical or Ancillary Technic or an equivalent academic degree.

-          Having successfully passed the second course of B.U.P (Polyvalent Secondary School Exam)


Recruitment by Entry Test (For those who do not possess some of the previous requirements)

-          Having successfully passed the entry test to the Medium Level Training (17 years of age are necessary to take the

Learning Programme

Elaboration and packing of Olive Oil, Wine and other drinks in accordance with production and quality requirements when carrying out the first maintenance of the equipments.


Acquired Skills

-          Extraction of Olive Oil in established conditions as  required in procedure and quality manuals

-          Conduction of the refinery, and Olive Oil conditioning process.

-          Elaboration of distillate and alcoholic drink.

-          Undertaking of finishing and stabilization operations.

-          Control of formation procedure.

-          Procuring and storing and packing raw and auxiliary materials.

-          Bottling, labelling and packing of processed products.

-          Handling the equipment.

-          Preparing and guarantying the apparatus and the installations in order to guarantee their hygienic and proper functioning.

-          Promoting and commercializing the elaborate products in accordance with marketing technics.


These teaching programmes include expertise for:

-          Performing basic level activities of labour risks prevention. 

-          Managing to get an official Licence in food handling.

-          After-Training Prospects and opportunities

Job opportunities:

-          Work in the industry of elaboration and packing of Olive Oil, Wine and other drinks, in companies with traditional or modern technology.

Further Studies Programmes

-          Courses in Professional Specialization

-          Training for the Entry test to a High Grade Cycle

-          Other Professional Training Cycle of Medium Grade with the possibility of establishing professional modules validation in accordance with current legislation.

-          A Bachelor licence in any of its specialities.


Openings and Job opportunities


Master of Olive Press

Assistant in Olive Press and Cellar

Oil Press and Cellar Commercial

Training Curriculum Schedule 

Professional modules of this training cycle are the followings:

-          Raw material and products in the industry of Oil, of wine-making and other spirit drinks.

-          Olive Oil Extraction.

-          Wine elaboration.

-          Rudiments in Electro-mechanic maintenance.

-          Sensory analysis.

-          Selling and Commercialization of food products.

-          Operations and warehouse controlling in the food industry.

-          Safety in the handling food products.

-          Professional training and job orientation.

-          Business and Entrepreneurial initiative.

-          Training in workplaces.


Fecha de implantación: curso 2009/2010


Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio

Aceites de Oliva y Vinos - 2.000 h. - Concertado -


Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio
Aceites de Oliva y Vinos - 2.000 h. -



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